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"Experience Real Time Wireless Video Anytime Anywhere.. even on your Smartphone..."

Challenges of REAL TIME Wireless Video are very different than Desktop Video. WiViu's Patent Pending Algorithms are specifically designed to produce High Quality Video by Magically removing any Blurs, Stalls and Jerks common in (2G/3G/Wifi) Wireless Networks.


Video Without WiViu's Technologies


Video Using WiViu's Technologies

Here is how the app works.

a) The mobile user downloads the app onto his mobile device. 
b) When he has to share a real time video he simply starts the app and points the camera to what he wants to share.

c) Selects the contact of the remote user he wants to share.

d) Starts sharing the video once the remote user accepts his request. 

Currently the app is being developed for Windows and Android platform. 

When you Register NOW you will get...

a) Get 1 year free access to the App once the commercial version of the product is launched.

b) Get to use to Beta Release of the App before the commercial release.

c) Work with WiViu team to incorporate the features you want the most.

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