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Never Again Struggle with Video Compatibility...

CloudViu makes it possible to watch video on any mobile phone, tablet, or other devices by ingesting it from any source, storing them in a personal cloud storage, streaming them efficiently even in low bandwidth network conditions and auto converting them into format viewable by target device to deliver amazing viewer experience...

Viewing Video on Internet enabled devices presents multiple challenges:

    • Compatibility: playing video across devices
      • Different Codec, Container, Transport, Decoder Level, Size 
    • Quality: Stalls, Glitches, Block Errors, “Wheel-of-Death”
      • Due to Low 2G/3G Bandwidth, Congestion, Packet Errors
    • Storage: not enough storage on phones / camcorders
      • Typical 8GB phone storage ~ only 7hrs of video
    • User Experience: intuitive video context and interfaces
      • Buffering delays dominate in today’s transfer methods
      • Difficult to access home / enterprise media across firewalls / NATs

Our unique solution, CloudViu, solves these problems... 

    • Ingest videos in any format from any source –smartphones, camcorders, web downloads, PC, etc.
    • Auto-convert videos into format viewable on any device –phones, PC, TV, tablets, etc.
    • Storing the videos for easy access on a safe, secure, alway-accessible cloud service
    • Allows access over any IP network from any device, anywhere –whether inside or outside the home
    • Auto-detects target viewer and presents media viewable by them on the device they are using
    • Streams efficiently so that viewers can get best experience even over low-bandwidth devices with low amount of storage (e.g. feature phones)

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