"Interactive Video communications for 
Your Mobile device  Without the Blurs, Stalls or Glitches
common with most mobile video providers"

 Our unique Patent Pending Algorithms will produce High Quality 
Video streams even in Low Bandwidth Scenarios by
removing ALL disturbances that are common on Wireless!


Video Without WiViu's Technologies


Video Using WiViu's Technologies

Have you tried mobile video chat or sharing on your iPhone or Android Phones?  Or even tried them on a 3G/4G/Wifi connected laptop or netbook? Then you should have surely experienced jerky video or audio chats whenever you moved from place to place with your mobile device/laptop. 

The world has been waiting for Real Time Videos on Mobiles for a long long time... But, the reason Video Streaming is still difficult on mobile phones is because fluctuations in wireless link quality can hurt video transfer over a noisy wireless networks.  The existing commonly used solutions were built for desktop devices and doesn't work for wireless mobile devices that are constantly experiencing changes in the environment as the user moves from place to place.

WiViu has built patent pending algorithms to specifically solve this problem.  WiViu Real-Time video streaming apps work robustly without stalls and block errors over any kind of wireless networks (WiFi, 3G, 2G) under all circumstances (like Link Fading, Wireless Interference, Network Congestion) Instantly, You will experience high quality Real Time Video on your mobiles. 
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