Creating a New Level of Wireless Video Experience...

WiViu is a video networking company with a disruptive technology advantage. We create and market paradigm-shifting products for reliably delivering video over WiFi in the digital home and enterprise. We make high-quality video experience accessible to everyone in real time across the wireless gap.


Dr. Debarag Banerjee - President & CEO

Dr. Debarag Banerjee is a serial entrepreneur in the field of wireless communications, and is the founder, President and CEO of WiViu Technology Inc. He had also co-founded Avnera, a fabless semiconductor company in the consumer electronics space, where he conceived and brought to fruition the technology behind their signature Audio Magic wireless audio product line. He also held senior technical leadership and executive management positions in the wireless communications industry at Intel, Lockheed Martin, National Semiconductor, and Philips Semiconductor.
Dr. Banerjee holds 12 issued US patents on key innovations in wireless consumer electronics and media transport. He has published over 20 technical articles in leading journals and respected conferences. Dr. Banerjee received his PhD is Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and B.Tech (Hons) degree in Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology.